Monday, March 11, 2013

Keweenaw Now Editor Michele Bourdieu gives Protect Wolves story good play honoring the wolves, EarthKeepers II Student team, Native American Students

More media - thank you God - for everything!!

The Keep Michigan Wolves Protected related story appears in Keweenaw Now, an Upper Peninsula environment news source that is much acclaimed and followed by many.

The story is about the efforts of the Northern Michigan University EarthKeepers II Student Team and the NMU Native American Students Association, and many others across the state like Adam Adam T Robarge, Upper Peninsula coordinator for Keep Michigan Wolves Protected.

This was made possible by editor Michele Bourdieu, who was traveling abroad when she got our story and made it a prior up her return to the Keweenaw Now News Room.

Thanks again to to Keweenaw Now Editor Michele Bourdieu – a bright green light is today's smokey skies.
Story includes video on the native plant projects and recognition of Charlotte Loonsfoot and the others at KBIC who have made it happen - a native plants greenhouse at KBIC.

EarthKeepers II vids on YouTube, Vimeo and more

 FYI - Important:

(Marquette, MI) – An event involving many student organizations is being planned for March 20, 2013 at NMU, and organizers hope to have officials present on campus to register people to vote.

Northern Michigan University Students and others crossed campus in wind-driven heavy snow showers on February 27, 2013 to sign the petition to save Michigan gray wolves from being hunted - and a second NMU petition drive is planned on March 20.

About 50 signatures were gathered from registered voters during an event sponsored by the NMU EarthKeepers II Student Team and the Native American Students Association (NASA), organizers said.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected organizers have until March 27 to get 161,305 signatures from registered voters to force a Nov. 2014 to decide the fate of the wolf hunting bill.